BEE is a Ruse

IT APPEARS that very few in the government hierarchy bother to reference the wise aphorism that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
The government continues to dish out public contracts to people based on promises that they have ‘local’ manufacturing capacity. But it appears that hardly any concrete steps are put in place for set criteria.

Shapwa Kanyama’s condoms (and other latex) tender is but the latest decision to remind us of the flaws in the government’s procurement process with the much abused preferences for black economic empowerment or local value addition.

Basic criteria such as keeping money in the country, employment creation, globally recognised standards, and skills development are glossed over.
In addition, government leaders want Namibian taxpayers to accept that anything produced in Namibia is worth paying a premium for.

Namibians need to understand that no nation can produce everything it needs. Namibia should find niche areas if we are to succeed in having sustainable local industries that are world class.

The current push to benefit the likes of Kanyama simply because they are locals, with the hope of becoming manufacturers should be reined in.
Lest we perish together as fools.

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