Do not forsake boys – Swartbooi

Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi has urged the nation not to forsake boys while in pursuit of the advancement of girls.

Speaking at a media engagement this week, Swartbooi said the continued neglect of boys could be one of the primary factors contributing to the high rate of suicides among men, while exacerbating the violent crimes that are perpetrated by men today.

“We need to discuss the nature of violence and its relationship with Namibian men,” Swartbooi said, adding that there is a need to give more attention to the sexual assault cases in which men and young boys are the victims.

According to Swartbooi, there is an increase in scenarios where individuals in authoritative positions “such as pastors and former councillors, exploit young men sexually, contributing to the dark figures of harm caused to men and young boys”.

Swartbooi said discussions around these matters will ensure the evils plaguing victims do not consume them.

He highlighted figures from 2019, suggesting that Namibia has a ratio of four women to one man graduating from institutions of higher learning, and said there is a high rate of school dropouts among boys, many of whom exit school as early as Grade 7.

Swartbooi said this contributes to the high unemployment rate among young people, which currently stands at 49%.

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