Dream Camp continues to empower youth

Over the Easter weekend, the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) of Namibia hosted its three-day 2023 Dream Camp at the University of Namibia (Unam) Khomasdal Campus, leaving many young people motivated for life.

Around 100 young people attended, including high school pupils, university students, and school dropouts.

Through mindset education lectures, empowerment talks, and various fun and social educational activities that ensure holistic development in youth, the dream camp was designed to help youth possess the right mind that will allow them to break free from themselves and overcome today’s challenges and limitations.

Attendees were taught the benefits of teamwork through mind recreation, self-control, deep thought, and focus, while the mini Olympics sparked the spirit of determination, perseverance, dreaming big, and courage.

The IYF team offered live dance and musical performances, as well as learning Korean and Thai languages. Personality testing and mind board puzzle games were among the activities at the event.

“The dream camp has had a huge impact on me. It has changed my perception of how I see life now. The mind lecturers taught me that life should not be about complaining or only looking at my challenges. Rather, I should focus on the positive possibilities that can arise from the circumstance,” said Hanna Hipangelwa (23), an International University of Management student.

Nelago Mpuka (22) from Unam said the three-day session taught her how powerful the mind is.

“I improved my ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, including racial, religious, and other differences,” Mpuka added.

“The camp was a life-changing experience for me. The academy classes were both entertaining and educational. The mind lectures helped me view things differently, and now it’s time for me to use them in my life. I can’t wait for the next camp so that I can bring my boys,” added Yolandie Jarvis, a young mother of three who also attended the camp.

Sangbin Kim, the country representative and mind specialist of IYF Namibia, under the theme “Changer of Mind” gave the mind lecture.

He discussed the three levels of mind, beginning with negative thoughts and progressing to happy thoughts on the third level.

Sidney Hanstein, the secretary general of IYF Namibia, gave the empowerment talk under the theme “Talent and Character”.

“Character is more important than talent. Talent alone isn’t enough. To achieve long-term and sustainable success, one must understand how to find and develop character! We hire for personality and train for skills,” Hanstein said.

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  1. We need more of such programs for the development of the young minds in Namibia. Keep it up IYF Namibia.


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