Family of killed robbery suspect speaks

A family member of one of the five robbery suspects killed by the police at Okahandja on Tuesday has confirmed his death and that he was part of the group of men shot dead.

The Namibian contacted the family after a death notice for Erikki ‘Akawa’ Martin (29) was posted on social media.

A cousin of Martin, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Martin was among the five men shot at Okahandja on Tuesday night.

“We heard it on the news and we went to the mortuary to confirm, it was him, Erikki Akawa Martin,” he said.

He added that something was not adding up and said the police knew what they were doing.

“The police killed them, how could you follow someone from Windhoek and not warn the police at Okahandja or even at the roadblock, if they knew they were going to rob [a gambling house]?”

The police are yet to release an official crime report on the incident.

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  1. There something in nature or in our leaders that’s hidden from us. When a leader like in Law enforcement be it police or NDF is going on pension just observe how people died be it members of the force. When Ndeitunga went on retirement how many police committed suicide. Now Kanime is going on retirement even City police of Windhoek went to kill people in Okahandja. Okahandja is not Windhoek. People should know their area of jurisdiction.

  2. some were some how the person who is still on the run hope have connections with city’ police and city police alert napol to meet them , hm run away, ma qtn why do police did not shot him even at the leg, , we do understand that they were trying to….. ndee .

  3. And why did they fire at the police officers, why didn’t they just stop since they were being chased by police, what if the police officers wanted only to ask them questions. If you fire at the police officers obviously the police officers will fire back, and that’s the result.

  4. But that’s true how can you follow a thieve from Windhoek to okahandja does okahandja police not well trained please

  5. Why should u blame police sometimes u jave to think before u say coz its your family now police are wrong if it was u being robbed or loosing ur stuff through robbery whom were u going to blame again police were were u wen i got robbed if a person eas wrong was wrong thats what he sign for he must die with it i know its painfull but its a lesson to others that police they are not sleeping only matter of time

  6. Justice for the fallow brother are needed at that point. Killing is not fun a life more important than the gambling house that would have robbed. Those people did not only losed their life but also their families has losed them for ever. The gambling house surely has insurance, but life?

  7. That one is not an issue to blame the security forces. Those people are there to maintain law and order. A police officer is well trained to be in that uniform and even trained enough to be called for such scenes. They know when they are in danger and how to get out of the danger.. Think of what it could be like if this police officers were killed and robbers get away with it 🤔?


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