Journal for expectant women, young mothers launched

A YOUNG Walvis Bay mother launched a journal aimed at guiding expectant women and young mothers towards spending more time with themselves and God, on Saturday.

The journal focuses on the emotional, mental and spiritual growth of mothers, and the idea originated after the author, Thamia Muller (26), started the group, The Mother Affair, in February 2022.

The first-time mother shared her experiences of having a miscarriage and eventually falling pregnant with her son in 2020, on social media.

Muller shared her process of pulling through challenges with the help of her mother and other family members, as well as friends – keeping in mind that a lot of young people don’t have the same support system.

Muller’s pregnancy journey posts and encouragement attracted other expecting and new mothers around the country, and she eventually started a WhatsApp group where she engaged with other young mothers.

The group has now grown to 67 young mothers between 18 and 35 years of age, who share their personal and individual circumstances.

“God gave me this idea. With this journal, mommies will start to prioritise their personal development and well-being. They deserve self-care, grace and to be present.

“When you feel like you cannot share with anyone, this journal will be a safe space where no one will invade your privacy, or where you do not feel like someone is judging you. It will help you to take time for yourself and to have a positive outlook on life. You will learn to be kind, gentle and to love yourself. You deserve it. You matter and you deserve good things, but love starts with you. When you feel down, the journal will show you how to bounce back.”

As well as containing self-reflection exercises, the journal also features encouraging Bible verses, affirmations, quotes, journal entry space and Bible exercises to promote self-awareness.

“The group has really helped me to know that I am not the only one. We all experience the same challenges through pregnancy and motherhood. This is a platform where you can share freely. We are all at the same level. They are there with me. They understand me,” said member of the group Martha Maditativmo.

“I do not open up to just anyone. I opened up to Thamia. I felt that I have the support, and I am free. I am getting there, spiritually through our devotional Thursday sessions,” said another member Natasha Gases

“I was not in a good place before I joined the group. I tried to talk to friends, but others who have not experienced what you go through will not know how you feel. I discovered the group and realised that I can post my problem and someone else will have the same experience. I also started to read my Bible more. I learned to accept that all is all. I have support,” said Martha Mashayi.

The journal costs N$220 and is available directly from Muller at 081 302 3153.

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