Namibian talk show imparts wisdom

TOWN and regional planning graduate, content coordinator and strategist, Vehonga Wisdom Mujoro (23) has managed to carve out a unique path for herself as an empowering Instagram Live talk show host @vehonga_wisdom_mujoro.

Mujoro has been interviewing local and international guests, as well as women from various industries, since 2020 on ‘Let’s Talk’.

One of her guests, local businesswoman and speaker Ilke Platt, praised Mujoro for creating the platform.

“As your middle name says it, thank you for your Wisdom Vehonga Mujoro. For this platform you have created, and that you are able to invite women from all walks of life under one umbrella of inspiration.”


“My long-standing motto has been to be the change I want to see in the world, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. It started with me creating pre-recorded videos addressing stereotypes and beauty standards. Then, I interviewed Helvi Daniels, the founder of Women in Agriculture Namibia, to highlight women’s roles in agriculture,” Mujoro says.

This had a trickle-down effect, and Mujoro continued to push the platform.

“I focused on what I was passionate about, which was creating change and that led me here,” she says.

Experiencing unemployment after graduating gave Mujoro a different perspective. She found it challenging not to feel depressed when things didn’t go as she had planned. However, she says the platform she created became a source of motivation during that dark time in her life.

“It encouraged me to think creatively and explore ways to earn an income.”


She sees the experience as one having a mentor to guide you through every step of your life.
“The experience has been humbling… It’s an amazing journey.”

However, it has not been without challenges, and she says she fails about 80% of the time.

“I’ve been ignored and told that my platform isn’t big enough. But despite the difficulties, I believe that God brings the right people to my platform, and things work out as intended.”


“The small, vibrant community of young women who actively tune into the conversations, and the incredible women who generously share their journey with me are the ones who keep me going,” Mujoro says.

Mujoro aims to make information accessible in schools and remote areas via the creation of social media kits and various empowerment tools to help young women succeed.

Furthermore, she aspires to grow the platform internationally and provide mass digital solutions to equip young women all over the world.

– Afterbreak Magazine

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