Namibia’s first reality TV show to air in Zambia

A highly anticipated local reality television show will be coming to our screens next month.

Julia ‘Bosslady’ Kadhikwa, the executive producer of ‘Save My Ship’, says the show promises to empower and educate Namibians who are experiencing challenges in their relationships.

The show will be aired on local TV channels in Namibia and Zambia.

“From 4 October we will be airing the show every Wednesday on Diamond TV, which is a Zambian television channel.

“There are quite interesting scenes in the show. I remember one of the cast members saying ‘we are in it for money’, and they ended up falling in love,” she says.

‘Save My Ship’ brings a group of young people together to fall in love.

The show features local personalities, ranging from students to influencers.

The 13-episode series was created and produced by Kadhikwa and features local artists like Soulja, Pukuu, Future Jeremiah and Fyn China.

One of the cast members, Michele Mushimba, also know as Fyn China, says it was fun being part of the show, and she is excited to see it.

“There was a scene that caught my eye in which this spicy girl called Avia shows up wearing the same outfit as another girl.

“There was a bit of drama, and people almost fought on the bus,” she says.

Another cast member, ‘Mr Muscle Man’, says he enjoyed the diversity of the show and getting to know people.

“One thing I can say about the show is drama, drama … There was so much drama, and I just like how people can be real with it, you know,” he says.

After the trailer was aired, some social media users questioned whether the show was scripted.

“What people don’t understand is in a reality show, the camera does not follow you 24/7, but when the cast members meet up with the producers, everything you will see on the show is based on what they tell us.

“We recreate the conversation on camera, or ask them to tell that story on camera. We do not fabricate anything, but we do recreate.”

Kadhikwa says she did not have the financial backing of sponsors or partners and produced the series from her own pocket.

“We should support the show with the same enthusiasm we give international shows. Let us support local content, this is something new.”

Kadhikwa says she was inspired to produce the series by her personal assistant.

“She helped me produce this show by sharing her ideas and everything we needed. We managed to find people who are willing to be honest on camera and share their stories.”

However, the process of filming was not without challenges.

“As we were shooting, some participants started pulling out. We needed honesty,” she says. –

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