Seven-year-old releases ‘Internet Danger’

To raise awareness on the risks associated with using the internet, Naneni Ipito, a young singer born at Swakopmund, has created a song titled ‘Internet Danger’.
The song is meant to warn young children about the risks of using the internet at a young age.

Today, the song will debut formally across all social media channels. The song is written by Marvi, produced by Eddie, and performed by Naneni.

The song’s one-minute long and engaging lyrics, in the opinion of her manager and mother Paulina Moses, are just right to hold young listeners’ attention, while keeping them from becoming disinterested.

“Covid-19 accelerated internet usage when online learning became necessary. As a result, most kids had to use computers, laptops, and cellphones to learn. Therefore, it is essential that we also teach them how to use the internet safely,” says Moses, adding that song campaigns for raising awareness often target adults and teenagers.

According to Moses, when it comes to addressing the elementary school demographic, there is always a gap.

She says that a seven-year-old would prefer singing and dancing to listening to a speech or reading a lengthy article online, which is why the message is being sent to them through a song.

Naneni is a devoted art enthusiast who spends a lot of time on YouTube watching craft tutorials before doing crafts at home. She has spent a year travelling the stunning island of Sri Lanka. She is also home schooled, learning about various cultures, languages and cuisines.

According to her mother, Naneni is not a professional singer and has no intention of pursuing a singing career in the future.

“She, however, has creative genetic material and appreciates the arts broadly. From singing, dancing, crafts and other artistic endeavours,” says Moses, adding that Naneni’s interest in singing – rather than her passion – comes from viewing YouTube recordings of other young singers, such as the American YouTube sensation Lay-Lay.

“I have a few ideas for her creativities, but because she’s still young, it all depends on her excitement. As a parent, all I can do is help her pursue her hobbies and enjoy seeing her play and enjoy herself. As we all know, our children’s interests change every other day. We’ll probably concentrate more on chess because she also has a strong interest in it,” says Moses.

She stressed that Naneni plans to release additional instructional songs and jingles when the time is right.

Naneni anticipates having fun, meeting new people, and seeing her aunt Landi in Germany over the next five years.

Her Instagram page @raisingnaneni provides more details on the song.

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