Stop Ignoring Corruption

We are living in a country where political decision-makers use the policies they are armed with to sustain their power, status and wealth.

It seems like no one is doing anything about it.
Instead, everyone is talking about it each and every day. The laws to discuss this issue seem to be insufficient.
The nation is curious about when this fire is going to stop burning. There are so many unanswered questions about what is really going to happen after our current leaders’ reign comes to an end.

The majority of Namibians are confused.
Civil servants are pretending not to see how those in charge use public power for their own benefit.

They opt not to get into hot water – regardless of how corrupt and unethical their leaders operate.
It is very disappointing that they promised to serve with loyalty, yet they tend to support corruption, because they fear losing their jobs or their lives.

They choose to keep quiet and gradually take part in the practice, because not exposing such illegal acts is usually much less costly than blowing the whistle.

On the other hand, there is the powerless youth waiting for decisions to be made.
When they try to stand up for themselves, they are shut down.

Their talk is cheap and they believe the action they are able to take is limited.

Therefore, without this nation sticking together to c corruption, it will always hurt the poor.
This is because resources will always be privatised and redistributed according to the ability of groups to influence policies through pressure and bribes, and not through the principle of one man one vote.

It is therefore the nation’s responsibility to take hands and show interest in fighting this disease, because when ants unite they can carry an elephant.

Concerned Citizen

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  1. 100% sure we trully suffering due to our own people rich people,rich family take our poor stay poor but god his one we will use gun.war its coming no matter what.we are ready for poor people’s organization


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