Swakop woman defrauded of N$500 000 ‘inheritance’

A self-employed woman from Swakopmund lost N$500 000 in an alleged bank fraud last weekend.

According to a Swakopmund police report, none of the sum has been recovered so far.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning at Treff Plaza.

According to the police report, the complainant claimed that she fell victim to a sophisticated scam where the alleged offender impersonated a bank official from the American-based Cottage Trust Bank.

The perpetrator initially reached out to her via email, instructing her to transfer her inherited funds from Cottage Trust Bank to her main account at Bank Windhoek.

As part of the scam, the woman received a code for transactions and was told that to access her funds, she needed to make a certain payment. Following these instructions, she made multiple transactions using the given code.

Subsequently, the alleged fraudster withdrew the funds from her account.

“Despite ongoing investigations, no arrests have been made yet,” police spokesperson deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said, urging the public to directly contact their respective bank branches when they receive suspicious communications that involve fund transfers or payments.

The investigation into this fraud case is ongoing.

The report comes just as a three-day workshop on cross border crimes in Southern African Development Community concluded at Swakopmund, with much emphasis on the growing issues of scams, and electronic service payments, and their impact on the social, political and financial sectors.

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  1. SHE fell victim to the nototios NIGIRIAN SCAM the US FBI possibly can help a few years ago they rolled the whole scam up good luck

  2. But what can we do something the scam just send you the text and if you ignore later its your money gone. No this scam story every with cash loan .

  3. Scam of poeple few dollars of even small pay of N$ 1500.00 was scam .. Namibian police is very weak including our banking system.I lost money also by Standard bank in the past…through ATM at the University of Namibia ATM this lost hard on completing my Studies…the week after while I’m standing in the bank to report the incident… While in the bank my last N$350.00 was withdrawn… another incident with same Standard bank main branch I withdraw N$ 400.00 Namibian Dollar but the slip show I withdraw 400 twice…So Standard main branch disadvantage twice…I went in to claim my money I had to wait for week cause the said it’s not possible…Bank are the thief’s of poeple money ..look how CEO as leaving cause we’re there is a smoke there is a fire…chech you slip or get a statement even if it cause money to veryfiy…just remember who ever do this to poeple God do not sleep and you have children and extended families . Our few dollars go in vain because of Greedy Namibian…. God keep watching…and one day when He deal with you …. Please stop this Act because even poor poeple are now becoming poorer because of the act ..last salary are scam let pray for Nation 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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