‘The justice system has failed us’

...Wasserfall family not happy with acquittal

Emotions ran high as the two siblings accused of murdering Shanon Wasserfall were found not guilty in the Windhoek High Court yesterday.

The uncle of the deceased, Dennis Wasserfall, said the verdict was heartbreaking and a clear indication of corruption in the justice system.

“It clearly shows that our justice system has failed us and that our justice system is corrupt for them not to find them (accused) guilty of murder,” Wasserfall said.

When the verdict was read, people walked out of the courtroom with tears in their eyes, and the family is waiting for today’s court appearance to find out what the sentence will be, he said.

Wasserfall expressed confusion about the verdict and said the family want answers about what exactly happened.

“I’m asking myself, did Shanon die on her own? What really happened on that fateful day? We really don’t know. We as family need answers.”

Wasserfall said the family would appeal as the accused had no right to bury Shanon’s body, which shows that there was corruption involved.

“They have no right,” said Wasserfall.

He said the family have decided to camp at the court until the court hearing today to get answers as to why the two accused were not found guilty.

Shanon’s sister Floretha Matheus said she initially thought judge Christie Liebenberg would be fair but asked: “Where is the fairness?”

She said she did not understand why the accused would bury a body they did not kill.

“How do you bury someone that you did not kill? What they are saying is that it was self defence… They are trying to make it look like my sister attacked her first and she (Azaan) just fought back. If she did not intend to kill my sister, why did she not call the ambulance?”

She said Shanon had been let down by the system, and their high hopes for the hearing had been crushed after the announcement of the verdict.

“They all failed us. It was not fair what they did. They are all responsible for my sister’s murder,” she said.

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